Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Trip to the Tile Showroom

We are working on several projects that required us to specify tile.  My office is on Union Street in Old Town Alexandria and for those of  you who know the area, then you know Architectural Ceramics is one block away.  I love working in this part of Alexandria because we can walk to visit some of our suppliers.

The first selections we had to make are for a bathroom in house built in 1965.  Yes, we've all seen them; it's the blue one!  (The flesh colored bathroom and the grey powder room have already been done.)  The floors and the tub surround are what we are working on first.  Here is what we picked:

This gorgeous glass tile is the inspiration for the bathroom.  I love the irregular shapes and layout of the tiles and also the variety of types of tile within this one piece.  I don't want the glass tile to read as super trendy so I think these elements will keep it from being so.  Since it is pricey, we are using it on the back wall of the tub area and we are planning on using the blue/green glass pencil liner to frame the glass tile.  Like a frame around a picture!

This picture shows the floor and the white subway tile that is going to be used as the filed tile around the tub wall.

Here are some pictures of the displays they have. 

My associate Jen, looking at the flooring.

A few special things to share...

These tiles are soo cool!  They are sculpted!  One pattern has the floral motif and the other pattern is a bit more random.

A lovely installation that was just finished over their coffee station.

All for today...

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