Monday, August 27, 2012

Off to College We Go! Sort of...

I don't have anyone going off to college this year.   But I have friends and clients that are sending them off now.  The closest thing I have to compare to is when my kids have gone to sports camps.  My son has been to UVA and William and Mary and each time he went I didn't even come close to his dorm room.  We signed in and he waved me off. 
This summer I took my daughter and her friend to Christopher Newport for volley ball camp and they couldn't wait to have me check out their room and help get them settled!
Pillows in hand!
I lived with my parents all four years of school so I never had a dorm experience of my own.  I couldn't really tell the girls what to expect.  We googled dorm rooms so I could show her and here are a couple we found. 
Source; Not Enough
Average dorm room is 10 x 12!
Source: A Cup of Tia
 How cute is this?  Probably inexpensive yet cheerful and well done!

Source: Dig This Design
Source: Style at Home
I think color is the key to these dorm rooms.
My daughter announced that when she goes off to school she is taking her own mattress!!   
Of course, we didn't decorate anything and the girls barely personalized their room.
I will soon enough see what it's like for myself when my nest starts to empty next year since my son graduates high school this year. He swears that he will have the best looking dorm room wherever he goes and I bet he's right!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

House Calls in the Washington Post

Every Thursday in our Washington Post Lifestyle section a local designer is challenged by a Decorating Dilemna sent in by a reader.  We were asked to help a mother turn her spare room into a space where she could work and study while her 8 year old daughter could do her homework or work on craft projects.
See full article here.
Rendering by Washington Post
The challenge is to fulfill the wish list of the reader within their budget.  In this case we had $2,000 to work with!  Items that are sourced out must be available to purchase by readers so we turned to big box retailers. We kept the mom's desk and drafting table but all other items we were new. 
Read more  to see all the cool things we found from Pottery Barn, Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids, Shades of Light and more!

Here are some tips for your craft room:

  • Using white furniture keeps a room crisp and clean
  • A pegboard organizational system will help stay organized and make clean up easy. This also keeps all of the craft supplies within arms reach
  • Shelves over desks keep resource materials at one’s fingertips
  • Maximizing wall space for bulletin boards and using a product such as fabric covered homasote is an inexpensive D-I-Y project that turns into a great display space for projects or for pinning memos a                                                                       picture  Kitchen Source

  •  Don’t be afraid to use color; pick accessories in your favorite color or remember, paint is cheap and makes a huge impact.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coming Back Around...

I have been neglectful of my blog and I have made a new promise to myself.  I am setting aside Monday mornings for a new post.  If it's on my calendar, then I keep my appointments.  Even if it's with myself!

Things have been very busy and some exciting things have been happening around here!  Although it has been one of the worst summers ever here in Alexandria, we have managed to keep our cool.  We have been working with several really nice clients and will be sharing those projects with you soon; one of them is being photographed this week!
Here's a peek!
More to follow.  I promise!
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