Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Phoebe?

I sigh when I think about Phoebe Howard.  I think I even have a design crush on Phoebe.  I met her when I was in the Atlanta store, but I don't think Phoebe would remember me if I fell out of the sky.  Phoebe was working in the store that day and I just happened to meet her at the front as I was leaving.  She was lovely, gracious and very personable.  Why didn't I take a picture of us together?  Chat with her a bit longer?  Ask her some questions about her business, her style, anything?  

Well, I will have you know that this morning while I was having my cup of coffee, I really had a one-on-one with Phoebe.  I did!  I really feel like I haven't gotten to know my new BFF!  The only bummer is that Phoebe still doesn't know me at all.  You see, I woke up early on my Sunday morning with her brand new book.  One of my favorite clients ordered a signed copy for me, thank you Jana!  I've had a super busy week and my goal was to devour the book uninterrupted.  So, I finally got my chance this morning.  I was not disappointed!

 Phoebe tells it like it is right from the first page and shares her story.  As a teen, her parents divorced and she lived with her Aunt Myra who had a knack for decorating.  She realized the power our surroundings can have on a person when her Aunt Myra decorated her room and she found that there, her healing began. 

 Fast forward...  Her husband, Mr. Howard, had a business in architectural interiors and decorating. While Phoebe spent her early years raising their children she kept an eye open on the world of design.  In spite of the fact that Phoebe has never had any formal design training, in 1996, she and her husband bought an old, condemned building and turned it into the first Mrs. Howard store.  There, she honed her skills, perfected her craft, and the rest is history! 

The design inspiration is this book is absolutely wonderful. 

Who wouldn't love to call this their own?

  She has used seven themes to illustrate her style in her book.  Inviting, Inspiring, Timeless, Graceful, Tranquil, Casual and Comfortable.  This book is more than a coffee table book, it's a reference book for design and details.  Bravo Phoebe!  But one last thing, can you come to Washington DC for a book signing?  


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fishs Eddy in New York

I was in New York a few weeks ago shopping for a client's project (more on that in another post), when I found my self in the Flatiron district.  I stumbled across this very cool store that has more dishes, glasses and kitchen accessories than you can imagine.  Fishs Eddy is a feast for the eyes that has been in business for 25 years.  They are located in the historic 1833 Gorham Silver Manufacturing building at East 19th Street and Broadway; right at the corner, you can't miss them!

With windows like these, how can you not?


Julia Gaines and Dave Lenovitz have filled their store with new, vintage and old restaurant ware.

 Photograph by Michael Harlan Turkell 

  I was getting ready to hop on my train home and there was no way that I could start shopping.  I decided to place my order on line!  As you can see in the pictures, the old floors, baskets and crates are a really fun way to display all the fun wares and fits well with the vibe of the neighborhood and the vintage style wares.
Internet pic
Internet pic

This is the most incredible display I think I have ever seen! 

HOW COOL!!  I had to touch!

These dishes are all original sample plates with the different  logos and ordering information on the stickers.

A personal favorite!

You get the idea!  There are all sorts of fun themed dishware in the store.  The online store is really terrific.  You can see all the different groups and accessories and a sale section too!

Fishs Eddy, only in New York...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The DC Design House 2012 is underway!

The DC Design House 2012 is underway!

The house has been selected and the Designers have been announced.  This event is a big fundraising event for the Children's National Medical Center.

4951 Rockwood Pkwy NW, Washington, DC 20016

There are 24 spaces to transform this year and I am a lucky participant!  My room is on the first floor and was slated to be a bedroom.  The Design Advisors decided to change it up a little bit and asked me to change my submission from a bedroom to a media/family room.  The house has seven bedrooms and it is better to change the functions a bit. 

Bare Bones is scheduled for February 25th. What is Bare Bones?  The house is opened before the designers take over the house.  It allows the visitors to see the house in a "before" state.  The hours are 10:00- 3:00 on Saturday.  I will be in my room with my presentation board to greet visitors and talk about my design plans for my room.  Several other designers will be there too.  It's a fun event to get a sneak peak at the house and it's only $5.00!

I have participated in a number of other area show houses, including the 2010 DC Design House and am always honored when I am asked to participate.  Here are some of the rooms I have done before

2010 DC Design House

Historical Society of Talbot County  2006

National Symphony Orchestra 2003

This years design is totally different!  Here is a glimpse as to what you can expect!!

See you at Bare Bones!!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Where Does the Time Go???

Hello, Hello!
The holidays are long gone, Valentines is here, I even saw crocuses trying to pop up through the snow this weekend!  I have neglected my blog and I'm renewing my vows!  To the blog that is! 

Last week I went to a fun event at a lovely shop called Coco Blanca in the National Harbor just across the Potomac from me.  My lovely friend Lauren Bruce was debuting a wonderful collection of her paintings painted just for this event!  I met Lauren when she had a shop in Old Town Alexandria several years ago and just fell in love with her!  Charming, talented and as nice as can be she has moved to Leesburg, has a darling baby boy and is painting full time. 

Lauren Bruce and John Petro from

First let me show you some of Lauren's art

Love the sheep!

Bad angle on the picture but such a pretty painting!  Sold!

Coco Blanca

Gorgeous things!  Furniture, accessories, tabletop...

Another painting and Lauren with friends in the background.

Really nice event and I wanted to share Coco Blanca and Lauren Bruce!

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