Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kathryn Penn Fine Jewelry

My girlfriend Kate has the best sister-in law.  Why?  Because she is a jewelry designer! 

 Kathryn Penn lives in Aspen and when she visits, she doesn't come empty handed.  She brings a carry-on bag full of mouth watering jewels!  Kate has been hosting jewelry parties for many years at her home in Alexandria and we flock to see what's new and what we can't live without.  We try things on, ooh and aah over each others finds while enjoying wine and catching up. 

 However this year, I was invited to attend the lovely home of Joany Fabry and Michael Klein in the Kalorama area of Washington DC where Kathryn had her wares.  This is just one of many of the stunning pieces of art in their home.

These pictures came off of Kathryn's face book page.  They are from her store in Aspen.

I have one of these lovely brooches and where it often.

Kathryn creates this style of necklace in so many combinations of stones.  I bought one several years ago in white and grey pearls.  Great evening piece.


Here are a few I took on Monday.

This necklace I bought with cherry quartz.  It's pink!

Kathryn can be found at or Kathryn PennFine Jewelry on face book.

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