Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exotic Lumber Field Trip

I am remiss in posting!  I went to High Point (more on that in future posts), and returned on Tuesday to a busy, busy week! 

I have been working on a fascinating and complicated project in Georgetown.  The client purchased an apartment with stunning views of the Potomac, the Kennedy Center and the night time sparkles our city has to offer.  The unit was completely gutted and not only was a complete build out in order but the client is an Art Deco aficionado!  This has added an additional element in my research and design for the project and it has been very rewarding.  Along with electrical, plumbing and other construction requirements there is a learning curve involved in designing a period inspired home.  This past week I went to one such resource to become enlightened and inspired. 

Exotic Lumber has two locations and we visited the one located in Annapolis, Maryland.  I had spoken to the owner Bill West, a charming and handsome man from South Africa, and he invited me out to his facility to have a first hand look and education on exotic woods.  I am in the process of specifying wood species for my project and this is the perfect place to gain an understanding of the best of the best.

A picture of the showroom.

Another view of the showroom with a listing of all the exotic woods and current pricing.

Bill and I discussing the project needs.

Sample bins with pricing.

A view in the warehouse.

Bill said that this would be used to make a sink!

Aren't these amazing?  Bill said the trees are so hard they can't be cut down but rather are burned.  Can you see the burnt edges at the top?  Of course I was so overwhelmed by everything around me I didn't take notes of all the wood species we looked at, only the ones for my project!

I would love to use this Zebra wood in my project!

Yew wood is lovely and rare.

Imagine this piece of walnut for a table or a door...

Thank you Bill!

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