Saturday, October 8, 2011

Schumacher and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Our Schumacher sales rep came calling last week and I loved what she had to show us!  She had the new line from Martyn Lawrence-Bullard!  Spectacular!

I think he looks cutting edge, doesn't he? 

Love these vibrant colors!

As our sales rep Julie was going from fabric to fabric, I found my creative mind spinning and I asked for a memo sample of just about the whole collection.

This groovy flame stitch is digitally printed.

These paisley draperies are magnificent!  Look how beautifully the fabric drapes.  The fabric content is 100% wool and has a border on the sides.

A new twist on a Greek Key pattern.

This is the color palette I hope to use in my clients master bedroom.

Love the shimmer on the velvet.

I just ordered Live-Love-Decorate and am really looking forward to it arriving.  I'm really excited by the vibrant colors and fabrics that Martyn Lawrence-Bullard uses in his designs but I feel as if these lively, luxurious textiles are just right on as the leaves on the trees are just starting to show their vibrant contrasts and the crisp air puts a spring in our steps.

Thank you Martyn!

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