Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wishing for a Fireplace?

In the last two and a half years, I have worked with several clients that live in a new luxury condominium building in Arlington, Virginia called The Turnberry Towers.  The building is the tallest in the DC skyline and offers spectacular views of Georgetown, DC, Potomac River, the list goes on!

  I am working with a super fun client that has called on me to help her with a few things in their home.  Tops on her list? A fireplace!  Although the apartments have gas in them, tying into an existing gas line is not an option for this client.  So I did a little research and then remembered I had seen some pretty cool units at Snaidero in Georgetown.  Back I went to Georgetown!

 Check out these neat Bio Ethanol units from EcoSmart Fire!

How cool is this?

 These are ventless units so they are perfect for our project and as you can see by the pictures, can be used in lots of different ways. The website explains how everything works better than I can so I quote "EcoSmart Fireplaces are fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products which burns clean - no smoke, no sparks, no fuss". 

Love that part..."no fuss"!

This is the one we chose.

We have an asymetrical design plan for this. The fireplace starts on the left, with a creamy colored, laquer finish, tall cabinet on the right side (kinda where the Asian art is).  On top of the fireplace unit we are installing a thick piece of glass with a rough cut edge that will serve as a counter area.  The piece of glass will extend beyond the firebox on both sides to create a nice, long visual wall.  (I will post when it's installed so you can get the visual!)

All for now, time to end my "Design Day".  Ok, I guess I need to pose a question here, does a "design Day" ever really end...?

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