Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fabulous Jamie Beckwith Collection

Interior designer Jamie Beckwith not only creates gorgeous interiors out  of her Nashville Tennessee office but she also is the creative power behind the Jamie Beckwith Collection of architectural wood wall and flooring. 

I was on the internet researching (again), and don't know quite how I stumbled upon her flooring collection but I was thrilled when I found it! The hardwoods are available in a variety of species such as walnut, sawn white oak or plain sawn white oak, maple or ash and offered in a number of different finishes.  The patterns are what I found to be so beautiful.  

Sextant on the Floor
Sextant on the Wall

I really love the wood on the fireplace!  I think this is a stunning alternative to stone, brick or ceramic tile surrounds.  Something to think about!

Commercial installation on the wall.
Powder room installation

If you felt like your wall needed a little bling, she's got that too!!
These can be set into a wall installation.

All pictures are from the Jamie Beckwith website.

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