Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can We Talk?

Things have been kinda rough around here for the past two weeks.  I'm not just talking earthquake and hurricane, that seems like forever ago!  Remember I posted pretty pictures and a floor plan of the house we are staging in Georgetown?  Well, nothing seems to be going my way on this one!  A  little chronology follows...

Gorgeous house, gorgeous day, happy times.

Loading the car with yet more stuff, to take to the house.
After the earthquake, but before hurricane.

This is basically what I have seen through my rear view window for the last month.
This one is tame, I can assure you!


OK, I'm sure the first thought that pops into your mind is "Oh my gosh, her carpet
was ruined from all the rains!" But no. That was not the case. Here is the sad little story.

  I don't really worry too much about getting ready for storms. I don't buy the extra
batteries, flashlights, generators. I hardly bother with the milk, bread, eggs thing. I'm sure I have enough toilet paper to get us through and absolutely enough frozen everything to feed the neighbors. (Which I did during the big snowstorm a couple of years ago, I have a gas cook top!) But this time, my friends convinced me that Irene could do some damage so I bought into it. Not too much, but a little. Well long story short, since Irene was kind to us in Alexandria, I didn't use the 2 1/2
gallon jug of water that was in my house. So, I took it to work. Smart, right? We helped ourselves
to the water and off I went for a nice three day week of fun at home. (I was so pooped from loading and loading my car for two weeks, I had a vodka cocktail at 1:30 on Saturday. Yes I did!)

Fast forward to Monday... The D__M! jug was a big o"ol cheapy and the dumb little spout leaked!  All over my sea grass rug in my office!!!  Called the carpet cleaners to extract the water, (did I mention 2 1/2 gallons?), spray mildew resist stuff on it and leave me a huge blower for under my desk.  It is looking better, I have to say.  The other side of my office, not so much.

Staging stuff we didn't use.

Need a lamp?

Notice the piece from a tape measure sticking out?  Sorry, Jana, your tape measure didn't make it!

AND THEN... today. 

Just when I thought it was all over, my car got swiped in Georgetown today!!!
But tomorrow, my friends is Friday!

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  1. Bless your heart, dear, you deserve 2 vodka cocktails today!
    I am enjoying your blog in a bittersweet/missing you kind of know I'm available to back you up any time. I can't guarantee that I'll turn off the water tap either, but I'll be there with the towels!