Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm Thinking of a Bar Cart...
I keep seeing bar carts everywhere!  Atlanta, New York, High Point -all the shows have them front and center.  We have a shop here in Alexandria called The Hour  and I always stop and gawk at the windows. They have the barware I want on my yet to be purchased bar cart!
 photo courtesy of The Hour Cocktail Shop
David Hicks shows had to display right on a table.
Joe Nye
 Deborah Needleman in Lonny
This one from I saw at market is almost identical.  Simple and classic.
 Extra detail....

Tom Felicia
I like this one if you want a simple display like Tom Felicia's

Tori Mellott in Domino
Restoration Hardware

 Ron Marvin in Lonny
With the holidays coming up (I know!) maybe a bar cart could be in your future!   

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  1. I'd like a bar cart, too. Love the bamboo on Tom Felicia's. My friend just purchased a brass one at the flea market--I was with her. It was just $80!