Monday, September 24, 2012

Addicted to Books!

If you are like me, I am addicted to books!  I love most any kind but of course my favorite kinds are the wonderful design books with fresh, glossy images to drool over.

I get my Amazon emails as frequently as the next person but does everyone get lost in all the info?   I love the feature that lets me see "inside" a book; I think that's really cool!  I recently got an email with a number of new Interior Design books and quickly put a few in my cart.  Here's one that I can't wait to feast my eyes on!

Amanda Nisbet has a new book out called Dazzling Design.  Fabulous!  Known for bold use of color and great attention to unexpected details, this book promises not to disappoint.

Amanda has been designing interiors since 1998.  She also designs fabrics for Holland and Sherry, lighting for Urban Electric and linen for Sferra.  

photo image- Jonny Valiant

Love the nightstand!!

Notice the touch of acrylic?

Daring deep blue.


I'm really looking forward to getting this book and being inspired!

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